Services Provided by the Firm

Stovash, Case, Shay, & Pearce, P.A., was founded in Orlando, Florida, in January 2003, around the shareholders’ mutual and basic philosophy of working hard to serve their clients. This simple principle resonates through the firm’s proactive and aggressive representation of its business and executive clients. Stovash, Case, Shay, & Pearce, P.A., is unafraid to tackle the most difficult and complex legal matters and master the nuances of sophisticated industries.  The firm’s attorneys take great pride in representing clients utilizing sound strategies and common sense approaches to litigation.

Stovash, Case, Shay, & Pearce, P.A., is never intimidated by the complexities associated with difficult or high-profile legal issues or the adversaries its attorneys may face in litigation.  At the same time, the firm’s attorneys are very aware that these issues can be stressful to their clients and a distraction from their business interests.  It is that recognition which underscores Stovash, Case, Shay, & Pearce, P.A.’s commitment to providing vigorous and cost-effective representation of its clients through every phase of the litigation process.

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